Sense of Other Site-specific Sculptural Installation, Projections, Video, Sound, 2012
The exhibition is informed by concepts of animal cognition, the subjective nature of perception based on sensory interpretation, and consciousness, often defined as an organism having a sense of self and others. Much of the work depicts sensory receptors other species possess that humans do not, such as navigation by the Earth’s magnetic field, chemical, ultra- and infra-sonic communication, and visual acuity that includes color vision into the ultraviolet range, offering the insight that humans are blind and deaf to much of the world around us. (Other works in this exhibition include the digital videos Bird’s Eye View and Animal Mind.


Drifters and Swimmers, 2012
3:05 excerpt from endless loop projected video
Oceans are teaming with microscopic life that supply half the world’s oxygen and process greenhouse gases, mitigating the effects of climate change. Single cell organisms drift along with the oceans currents. Rotifers are tiny animals with the ability to swim.

UltraBabbleInfraBabble, 2012
Digital projection and sound, 1:01
Excerpt from endless loop projected video and sound installation.
We do not sense the world as it is but merely as our sense organs interpret it within the limitations of their design. Many animals communicate on frequencies not heard by human ears. This video is projected from above onto a table. Field recordings of animals communicating on wavelengths above and below the human range of hearing emanate from below the table.